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Copic Tutorial: Embroidery on the Fashion Figure

Copic-Image 6
Embroidery on the Fashion Figure
I’ll be using an image from the Elie Saab Spring 2013 Couture Collection as inspiration for this tutorial. She is a designer that specializes in beadwork on fabrics, with tone on tone or silvery embroideries on lace and tulle and varying transparencies, making it super challenging but exciting to illustrate with markers.
Fashion illustration with Copic markers


-  Bienfang Marker Paper
-  Kneaded Eraser
-  2H Pencil
-  Mechanical Pencil
-  Photo Reference
Let’s begin by gathering a reference of what you are going to draw. I use my iPad to save paper and be able to zoom in for details. The use of a reference helps me illustrate the fashion figure with ease, in order to accurately render the figure’s hands and feet. I then take my Bienfang Marker Paper and lightly sketch the figure using a 2H pencil to prevent smudging. If smudging occurs, lightly dab with the kneaded eraser to clean up the sketch. Marker paper is very translucent, so make sure you place a white sheet in between the sheets so the markers don’t bleed through the page.
Fashion illustration with Copic markers
When using Copic markers, it is easier to go from light to dark colors so that you don’t bleed them together. Give it a quick second to dry. Skin tones are how I usually start off all my illustrations – I consider it a key factor in my work. Skin to me is multi-dimensional in color. I rarely use just one, I combine E41 Pearl White + E00 Skin White.
First, pass with the marker, filling in the general shape of all the areas of skin. Then, pass with the E41 Pearl White. Look for the shadows and start to build dimension. Skin tones markers are essential in a fashion illustrator palette. I recommend using the Copic Sketch Markers Skin Tone Set, which includes E00, E11, E13, E15, E18 for the skin and R20 to blush the model’s cheeks.
Fashion illustration with Copic markers
After completing the skin, I work on the stunning dress. I use Copic Pale Grey B60 as my base color. Start by outlining and, using the medium broad tip, fill the contour and sculpt the dress like it falls on the model. Apply the color of the garment lightly on the side near the light source as the actual color in the center.
When it comes to embroideries, I absolutely love using super brush tip. To get details, start with Copic Robin’s Egg Blue B02 for the darker shadows and Ice Blue B12 to stipple the embroidery details. When picking a color to use, I make sure to use a test sheet of the same marker paper to make sure I’m about to use the right shade.
Fashion illustration with Copic markers
Between Warm Grey No. 3 W-3, Ice Blue B12, Robin’s Egg Blue B02, and Light Grayish Cobalt B95, I continue to build the texture of the dress, once again going from lightest to darkest color. On my reference photo, the shimmering beads on the fabric appear to have multiple light sources. So, I focus on working on a few at a time so I don’t become overwhelmed by all of them.
Copic-Image 5
Lastly, I finalize my favorite part of the model, the face. I start with the eyes, using Copic Holiday Blue BG05 for the iris and Copic Multiliner size 0.1, the finest point, for the pupils and the outline of the iris. I softly sketch the nose and eyelids with a mechanical pencil.
For hair, I always start with a shape combining the colors Champagne E71S + Light Walnut E57, then continue to make a couple of strands with Light Walnut E57.
I use two strokes of Flesh Pink E95 + Barley Beige E11 for the top of the lips. For finishing details, I use a Copic Multiliner. Make sure you don’t outline everything — only key areas, for better definition of the illustration.
Copic-Image 6
Final illustration:
Copic-Image final
Hope you enjoyed this fashion illustration tutorial. If you are working on fashion illustrations, please leave a link of your work on the comment section below. I would love to check out your work.
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Meeting Pharrell Willams

Had the pleasure of meeting Pharrell Williams; he is so down to earth. The best part is that #skateboardP liked my fashion illustrations and it was nice that he tweet them out to his followers on Twitter. Meeting him was definitely a dream come true, but him appreciating my work is beyond anything I could of ever imagined, his music got me through my long nights in Art College and still inspires me until this day. Pharrell Williams is one of my heros <3

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Prabal Gurung

Prabual Gurung began his design career in New Delhi where he studied at the National Institute of Fashion Technology he proceeded to transfer to Parson New School in New York City . After Graduation he spent 2 years designing under Cynthia Rowley’s then spent 5 years as the director of Bill Blass  before lunching his own collection PRABUAL GURUNG. 

In a few days his line will be available a Target for more consumers to appreciate his beautiful designs. Decided to Illustrate this collection because I am a hopeless romantic when it come to  colors and futuristic shapes. Below are some details of the Illustrations I have done inspired from his 2013 Pre-Fall Collection.  To stay updated and see my latest illustrations be sure to follow me on Instagram!

Some looks of Prabual’s line coming February 20, 2013 to Target!

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Valentines Day Case + Free iPhone 5 Wallpaper

Hope all of you fabulous bloggers having a fantastic weekend, very excited to announce my limited edition Valentine's Day Case is now available in my shop! As a bonus I wanted to make sure your iPhone was decked out with matching free wallpaper. More wallpapers will be available soon, if  you would like a specific wallpaper or case of my Fashion Illustrations please let me know in the comment section!

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Drawing of Emma Watson wearing a fabulous Philip Treacy hat!